Still struggling to craft a story that can sell? I can help.
Would You Like Me to Personally Help You Write 
a Story That Can Sell?

Let Me Help You Write a Story That Can Sell! We’ll Work Together to Get Unstuck, Find Clear Direction, and Craft a Story People Will Want to Buy.

Dear writer,

Would you like to sit down with me, 1-on-1 (virtually, of course), and get my personal help crafting a story that can sell? 

If you’re interested, I’d like to invite you to join me for my special Story Development Coaching I’m offering. 

Details are on this page, but keep in mind that spots are limited. I'm only taking a handful this time around. I do it this way because I like to keep the numbers low to ensure I can give everyone the personal attention they need. Since this email is going out to 6,000 people, I'm expecting the spots to fill up fast.   

I’d love to dig into your story with you, help you get started drafting with confidence, or get “unstuck,” guide you toward crafting a story that can sell, or help set you up for a rewrite.

So, let’s talk about what we can accomplish together..

During my 10 years working as a Hollywood executive, my job was:

Find stories with potential through agents, managers, book scouts, and producers, then work with screenwriters and producers to develop them into sellable stories, then sell them to studios and financiers.

And after reviewing over 6,000 stories (and giving countless hours of personal feedback), I got really good at one thing...knowing if a story could sell.

As the head of Content Development at George Clooney's Warner Bros. outfit, I had to be able to do this quickly.

I can usually tell even before the first few pages are written by just reviewing the premise. 

I would love to sit down with you and show you how to do that, too.

Starting with your premise and working through the first 25 pages of your draft, together we'll make sure you have a solid foundation for a story that can sell.  

I’m confident our time together will be worthwhile. And I’m not just saying that. 

Over the last few years as a story coach, I’ve helped thousands of writers like you get unstuck, make sense of their stories, and discover a clear path forward through online programs and one-on-one coaching.

“You Provided Me With More Help In 20 Minutes Than I’ve Ever Gotten Before!”
Tatiana S.

I love getting feedback like that!

And I’d love to see my experience help you, too!

Because the guidance I used to help Hollywood turn their ideas and pitches into stories that sell… the same guidance I use with EVERY writer I work with now.

If you’ve felt like...

  • ​You’ve struggled to start your story and need reassurance that you're on the right track.
  • ​You know something in your story’s not working, but don’t know what it is.
  • ​You know what’s got your story gridlocked but you don’t know how to fix it.
  • ​You don’t know what you should do next (or what your characters should do!).
  • ​You’re frustrated with where you are in the process and are beginning to lose hope, and it’s driving you up the wall because you still believe your story has potential.’re not alone.

“...the real benefit for me was working directly with Anne on my novel, through her Story Development Coaching. She analyzed all the elements of my story from structure to character arcs, then helped me connect them seamlessly into a polished outline –all the while dropping valuable pearls of story wisdom along the way. Anne is a fantastic story coach. She’s an industry veteran and knows good storytelling, inside and out. If you’re stuck on your story like I was, do not hesitate to seek her out. She’ll get you writing again!”

- Romano P.

Now You Too Can Get My Individual Attention So You Can Write a Story You’re Excited About!

You get the benefit of my 10 years in the industry having helped craft stories that sell.

I can help you apply what works in Hollywood to get your story ready to sell!

This system works with novels and memoirs, too.

Story is story.

Here’s the truth...

When money’s on the line, Hollywood only gives you 10 pages! THAT’S IT!


Because studios and agencies don’t like to gamble when it comes to their stories.

So they hire people like me to prevent projects from ending up in development hell.  

Guess what? Novelists and memoirists also find themselves in development hell.

Imagine what that kind of clarity can do for your confidence.

You won’t have to worry about working on a story that’s flawed or wasting a lot of time writing multiple drafts that just aren't working.

You won’t have to worry about spinning your wheels outlining over and over without making any progress.

After reviewing over 6,000 stories, I wanted to create an affordable, easily accessible coaching service to help writers develop their stories.

Now, everyday writers can get access to the same tools and resources that professional writers have.

That's why I'm opening slots to my...


My Story Development Coaching is now available outside of my private coaching clients…

And it's available to YOU! 

So how do you know if this is right for you?

My Story Development Coaching Is The Perfect Fit For You If:

  • You’re a writer with a concept or idea and you want my help with your initial story development...
  • ​You’re a writer with a good start on your story’s concept but HAVEN’T started writing yet and want coaching before you begin writing...
  • ​You’re a writer who is stuck part way through a draft and want help figuring out how to best move forward...
  • You’re a writer with a complete story draft and want to check your story for market viability (read: your story has the ability to sell) before moving on to the next draft...
  • You’re a writer with a complete story draft that’s not “working”...
  • You’re a writer who’s looking for continued help down the road and understands the value of having a seasoned pro combing over your story and working with you to help bring it to life!

And here’s how we’ll make that happen together.


You'll get started by completing a guided Premise Machine exercise. This is a step-by-step exercise that lets you deep dive into your story, and create and evaluate your...

- Concept
- Characters
- Story beats
- Outline

Once you've completed this you'll be able to move on to the next step...


This is the narrative version of the Premise Machine distilled down to one page (about 500 words)

You'll include the main beats of your story (you can take these from the Premise Machine), the protagonist, antagonist, and the main supporting characters. 

The synopsis will be written in your voice and should read like a story.


The first pages of your story are the most important when it comes to keeping your readers turning the page. I recommend writers submit the first 25 draft pages.

But if you have a reason for wanting to submit 25 pages from somewhere else, that's cool, too. 

If you don’t yet have 25 pages, you can submit up to 25 pages of notes, scenes (with an explanation of where the scenes will fall in the story), or anything else you feel will help flesh out your story and provide us with the opportunity to have a productive, deep dive discussion of your story. 

Ready to dive into 
my Story Development Coaching?

If you’re ready to take full advantage of the Story Assessment Coaching Program so you can create a story that can sell, then click the button below and get access today.

One-Time Payment Of $595

Here’s what my clients say 
about working with me...
“Anne helped me with a memoir I have been working on for several years. I had a full draft of the story done but it was the “first sh*tty draft.” I was also aware the story wasn’t being told in the right way. It is a complicated story with two arcs within one story structure combined with a thread aligning the theme in both stories. 

Anne is incredibly knowledgeable about structure and storytelling. She is passionate about educating writers using example stories. She understands the deep-seated obstacles that prevent the story from working and then recommends solutions that work.   

Anne helped me not give away too much of the story early on, she helped me restructure the arcs by rearranging the outline of the story so it made more sense. Then she recommended a way forward.

I highly recommend Anne. She is a joy to work with, incredibly focused and engaged with each client and story. I always felt as if I was her only project. I'm impressed with all I learned from Anne!“

- Sandra S.

"Anne has deep knowledge of what makes a story work as well as what makes writers work. Her insights and compassionate guidance make it easier to stay connected to your writing mindset and establish a routine that works for each individual writer. I've been waiting for many years for someone like Anne to come along. I've studied just about every story instructor there is and I've been waiting for someone with Anne's sensibilities - someone who references well-written, compelling stories (novels and films) that are also emotionally driven."

- Tessa M.

Anne is a fantastic collaborator and listener, and a thoughtful strategizer and problem-solver. She has a special skill at brainstorming and is a talented editor with a keen analytic eye. She has helped me through multiple drafts of a complex historical fiction novel. Anne is a joy to work with and a wonderful cheerleader to have by your side through the writing process.” 

- Rebecca B.

Even first-time novelists 
can succeed with this method!
“I am inspired by Anne, who knows what she’s doing and can convey it to her students. Who better to learn from, than an expert in the field. Sometimes those with great knowledge and experience come off haughty and pretentious. Not Anne! She is kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. By the way, that doesn’t mean she will go easy on your manuscript! I am so glad I found Anne as I move forward in my writing career. ”

- Lois S.

“Anne helped me step back and look at my work in a big picture way. Anne’s sensitivity, deep storytelling knowledge, understanding of story structure- one of my weaknesses -and talent for bringing out the best in my writing were invaluable. She helped me get my novel ready to send to agents.”

- Teresa G.

Here’s How I 
Make Sure Your Story Can Sell!

The secret to a great story is... 

Character, Conflict, Emotional Resonance, and Structure.

Readers need to connect with your characters. They need to root for them and want to follow them through your story.

And your characters must face conflict and exist in a well structured story that gets a reaction from your reader. That makes your reader feel something. 

Simply put... 

Without Compelling Characters, Conflict,
Emotional Resonance, and a Tight Structure, There’s No Story, 
And No Sale!

Back in my Hollywood heyday, I was well known for my intense focus on helping writers develop tightly structured, character-driven stories that hit all the beats so the stories were sellable.

And by the way, let's make this very clear: structure does not = formula!

All successful stories follow a tried and true structure. 

I Make Feedback Fun, Engaging, 
And Easy To Implement

My goal is to build you up, not to tear you down. 

As the author of your story, you know your story and characters best. I will guide you through the story you want to tell.  

Our coaching session will be interactive, dynamic and we'll cover a lot of ground, including brainstorming together, and drilling down to unearth what your story is actually about (one of the main problems a lot of writers face!).


No Problem!

If you decide to work with me in my Story Development Coaching today, you don't need to have all of the work done right now.

You can get started today and complete the Premise Machine at a later date, along with your one page synopsis and up to 25 draft pages, at a pace that works for you.

This Is How You’ll Know If Your Story Is Sellable

Once all 3 items have been submitted, we’ll meet in a 1-on-1 live online consultation which involves a discussion of your story’s commercial viability…

Along with all the story elements such as your characters and structure.

We’ll also use this time for brainstorming, and a discussion of next steps to move the story to the next stage.

As you can see, this a very personalized, 1-on-1 approach, to help you 
gain clarity on all elements of your story... 

Show you how to develop a story correctly from the start... 

Learn what’s not working and how to fix it... 

And you’ll leave our discussion with the confidence you need to get your story moving along at a pace that works for you.

So that you can complete a story that can sell. 

 Ready to write a story that can sell?Enroll In my 
Story Development Coaching Now

PLUS… You'll Get This FREE Bonus!

Included in the materials is a lesson from my Sellable Novel program on what to avoid in first pages, so you'll be able to avoid the 12 most common mistakes writers tend to include in their first pages. 

This will make it so much easier for you to write your first 25 pages!

And another PLUS… 
The First 5 Writers to Enroll Get This FREE Bonus!

After our initial consult, you’ll get an EXTRA private coaching session called “The Development Consult” where you’ll be able to ask questions, get answers, and get the extra guidance you need to bring your story to life. 

And you don’t have to worry about spending several thousand dollars to hire a private coach to make this possible.

This is your chance to leverage my experience to help you bring your story to life for only $595.

This bonus will go fast, so if you want to guarantee your story will get the extra attention it deserves, then click below to get started now.

One-Time Payment Of $595

Here’s What’s Possible Now That You’ll Finally Have Your Own Story That Can Sell

By the end of our time together you will...

  • ​Have a one page synopsis...
  • ​Have an outline to work from...
  • ​Have a detailed character analysis for each main character...
  • ​Have the first 25 pages written..
  • ​Know what mistakes to avoid in the first pages...
  •  Know your story inside and out..
  • ​Know what's working...
  • ​Know what's not working...
  • ​Know how to fix what's not working...
  • ​Know the next steps to take to complete your story so that you have a story you can sell.

AND your ability to develop stories will have grown by leaps and bounds, so you can repeat this process with every new story you write.

If you decide to join me in my Story Development Coaching today, what will your life be like a year from now?


You’ll have leveled up as a writer both in confidence and in skill, regardless of where you are now. 

You’ll finally have developed a story that can sell, AND you’ll be able to repeat the process when you start on your next one!

But if you pass on this, where will your abilities as a writer be 12 months from now?

Let’s say the best case scenario is that your story is done.

But how will you know if it can sell? What if you launch the story you’ve spent the last several months working on and nobody cares?

I’ve seen that happen to writers.

It’s devastating. Some writers never recover, so they walk away entirely.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

It’s time to decide.

Will you choose the path that leads to finally writing a story that can sell? If you’re a ‘yes’ then click “Enroll Now.”

See you soon!

Your writing coach,


If you're finally ready to complete a story that can sell, enroll in my 
Story Development Coaching Now

P.S. In case you skipped to the bottom, here’s the short version.

Most writers waste months (and sometimes years) writing stories that will never sell.

When nobody buys, they give up hope.

But you can avoid that and get the same advantage professional writers get. 


By taking advantage of my years of experience reviewing over 6,000 stories in Hollywood.

My job was to help create stories that sold.

Even if it was only an idea in someone’s head.

In my Story Development Coaching you’ll get personal 1-on-1 coaching from me where I’ll provide feedback on how to make your story stronger, fix problems, and how to make it sellable.

Here’s what Romano P. had to say about working with me,

 “...Anne is a fantastic story coach. She’s an industry veteran and knows good storytelling, inside and out. If you’re stuck on your story like I was, do not hesitate to seek her out. She’ll get you writing again!”

I’m also offering a special bonus for the first 5 writers who sign up. 

You’ll get additional, personalized coaching from me to help you implement the feedback.

This works for first time and seasoned writers alike.

All without spending thousands of dollars on a writing coach.

So click the button below if you want to make this the year you finally get your sellable story out of your head and onto paper. • All rights reserved • TERMS & CONDITIONSPRIVACY POLICYDISCLAIMER