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The Hollywood System to Write Stories That Sell

"I used the Immersed in Story course to write one entire draft of my first novel..." -Lois S.

What's the number one reason readers want to represent, publish, buy, and read your book?

A great story!

That’s why I’m providing a set of tools to help make sure the books you...
  • Submit to publishers…
  • Send to an agent…
  • Or self-publish…
…can sell. 
If you want to write a story that sells, or if you want to transform your current work-in-progress into a story that sells, this will be the most important program you join this year…

Immersed in Story

that helps develop story ideas into stories that can sell. Step-by-step exercises that turn your ideas into stories with solid structures, compelling characters, intriguing conflict, and high stakes - the sellable stories publishers want and readers buy.

Lois S.

I used the Immersed in Story course to write one entire draft
of my first novel...

“Before taking Immersed in Story, my fantasy writing amounted to a drawer full of unfinished stories. Confidence, because of a lack of any formal writing training, was a challenge for me. I also struggle with organization. I used the Immersed in Story course to write one entire draft of my first novel. There are places in the course to plug in my story and test it by course standards. I actually have a process to use now! I have recommended Immersed in Story to several of my friends and will continue to do so!””

A Step-by-Step Process Anyone Can Follow 

  • Know if a premise is solid before starting – No need to end up with a finished manuscript an agent is going to throw in the trash or a self-published novel with only 2 stars on Amazon…
  • Discover inspiration everywhere while writing more pages instead of crossing out beats, re-working characters, and trashing pages of your hard work…
  • ​​Easily develop your new limitless stream of ideas into a story people want to read, watch, and buy…
  • Have more confidence in your core story elements, including characters, setting, and conflict, with a better understanding of how audiences will respond to them…
  • ​Wrangle self-doubt and finally finish your story assured that it can sell…

Why Trust Me to Help?

Hey There!

I’m Anne!

I’m a Story Coach. I help writers tell stories that audiences want to read.

For over 10 years, I worked as a senior development executive in Hollywood, working with major studios like Warner Brothers, Fox, Universal, Sony, Paramount and DreamWorks.

My Hollywood job? Finding stories with potential and working with writers to develop them into sellable stories.

 Now, I’m a story coach. I’ve coached over 5,000 writers in my digital courses and programs, and hundreds in 1:1 coaching sessions. I work with writers who are ready to commit to their stories, and develop viable ideas into stories they can sell.

Ready to stop second guessing your story?

Ready to stop getting stuck?

Ready to stop waiting to be “creative enough” to complete a story from idea to end?

I’m ready to help!

The Simple Steps We’re Going to Take 
to Make your Story Sellable
Module 1: Sellable Story Ideas
Follow this Blockbuster Framework for Creating Story Ideas that Sell

Start the journey in module one, and discover…

  The 17 Best-Selling Stories of All Time – See the one thing they all have in common (and why it’s easy to replicate)…
  How to research what genres are most likely to sell to know if a story has a shot from the very start…
✔  The “option” opportunity and ground-up rules for creating a story idea that works on film & TV (agents love this)…
  Building expected ROI into story ideas to make stories more appealing to agents, publishers, and Hollywood
  PLUS: 10 character connection prompts, 20 idea-starting writing prompts, and the ECSS framework for re-working proven stories

…and there’s much more just inside module 1!
Module 2: Generating and Developing Story Ideas 
How to Make Creativity Happen on Demand

During this module, I demonstrate how to develop a creative process that…

✔ Makes Netflix binges part of the creative process (it’s amazing to watch films and series with no guilt!)…
✔ Builds a creative environment without going rogue, becoming a recluse, or giving up life…
✔ Uses guided idea generation exercises and a 4-step process for generating creative story ideas…
✔ Makes creative connections that turn our minds into an unstoppable idea machine even when NOT writing or working…

…and yes! Creative people DO think differently! This process can help turn on creative thinking to generate ideas, characters, plots, and story beats on demand!
Module 3: Hollywood Lessons for Endless Idea Generation 
Live a Life Open to Story and Discover Where to Find Story Ideas 

Take the spark of creativity ignited in module 2 and watch lightning strike over and over again…

✔  Learn to live a life open to story, expanding creative energy, motivation, and writing productively like never before…
✔  Use 12 Hollywood lessons for endless idea generation and become an idea machine agents and publishers want to get a pitch from…
  Work the collaborative muscle that can motivate creative thinking processes (this writing room secret often takes stories to new emotional depths) …
  Discover why passion is more important than what’s popular now, why no one needs to “sell out” in order to sell, and the #1 reason simply ripping off other story tellers rarely works…
  Find out what to do if the story is a “dud” (don’t worry, it happens! Here’s how to adjust and move forward without giving up)…

After coming up with endless ideas, it will be time to put them into proven plots and structures! So check out module 4.
Module 4: Story Structure 
Blueprints for Writing Bestsellers and Blockbusters 

These story structure guides and story development exercises are helpful for plotters and pantsers alike. Discover...

✔  3 structure exercises to help turn story ideas into a finished work…
  How to write story beats and complete a story outline that prevents writing “dead ends” from happening…
✔  The logline formula that sells – Use this to tell a reader, agent, or publisher what the story is about in just one sentence (NEVER do this last)…
  Tools and techniques to better understand story structure and turn story ideas into finished works faster…

And much more, including everything needed to fill out that story map and start writing.
Module 5: The Premise Machine 
An Easy Tool to Tell If a Story Idea Can Sell and is Ready to Write

What if there was a way to determine if a story idea will work…before writing? Now there is. Run a story idea through the Premise Machine!

✔  This tool will quickly determine if tweaks are needed or if the idea is strong and likely to sell
✔  Finally! Develop characters, plot, and story beats with confidence now that the premise works…
✔  Share with other writers (or a coach!)for feedback…
✔  This fill-in-the-blank process can save hours and hours of uncertainty while speeding up the writing process…

Plus: Discover how to test a premise after completing the Premise Machine and start writing knowing the story is headed in the right direction.


I definitely recommend the Immersed in Story course to any writer considering writing a book, or any writer at the beginning of their author journey...

“I write children’s books. Before taking your immersed in Story course, I was struggling with the flow of my books — as in keeping the readers continually interested and engaged. I was reading, drafting, and changing constantly to a stage where I became overwhelmed. I’m also dyslexic, so obviously this was very challenging at times and affected my concentration. 

The Immersed in Story course helped me so much with understanding my characters and how they will connect to my readers. The protagonists and antagonists unit benefited me immensely, understanding the importance of characters and how they ensure my books stay exciting until the end. 

I definitely recommend the Immersed in Story course to any writer considering writing a book, or any writer at the beginning of their author journey.

Thank you, Anne Helmstadter, not only for the Immersed in Story course, but also for your daily emails! I look forward to reading them every day. "


Anne's advice on getting back to basics was immeasurably helpful. After taking the Immersed in Story course, we were able to progress with the third story in the trilogy...

“We collaborate on light sci-fi/spiritual fiction with a message and have already published two books. Before taking the Immersed in Story course we’d get stuck. Anne's advice on getting back to basics was immeasurably helpful. After taking the Immersed in Story course, we were able to progress with the third story in the trilogy. We recommend Immersed in Story to other writers! Coaching as we got from the Immersed in Story course is critical for all authors. Just like the best golfers in the world have coaches to spot weaknesses and fix them, authors at all levels still need coaching!"


I absolutely recommend this to other writers....

“I have always wanted to write a novel. Then the Story Immersion Project found me!!! Thank my lucky stars! With Anne's beautiful concise, clearly delivered content I was able to understand the fundamentals of STRUCTURE, PLOT and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. This provided me with exactly the right knowledge at exactly the right time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Great course!!! I absolutely recommend this to other writers!”


After taking the Immersed in Story course I have now optioned my series...

"I write Crime, both Fiction and Non-Fiction. Before taking the Immersed in Story course I was reasonably experienced and proficient in book writing with around 20 indie publications and many making the Amazon bestseller lists.

However, I was completely green to screenwriting skills when, out of the blue, I was contacted by a feature film company and leading net streaming facilitator to develop content for a net-series concept I had created.
So, I had to immerse myself in how screenplays work, and I found Anne's Immersed in Story course. Anne's recommendation that I write out why I wanted to write my series was a mindset game-changer.
After taking the Immersed in Story course I have now optioned my series.

I one hundred percent recommend Immersed In Story to other writers, novelists included. The value they'll get from this course is enormously helpful for taking their craft to the next level."

-Alwyn F.

It’s not just another quick course on how to write a novel...

"I write Literary Romance and have written a novella, a children’s novel, and loads of short stories. I started writing my first full novel but then Covid struck. I was struggling to get back into writing. The Immersed in Story course it got me going again. I'm on the move! It also got me re-thinking my story structure. I have found the course very useful and I like that it’s not just another quick course on how to write a novel, but rather focuses on what’s important at the end of the day. I recommend Immersed in Story to other writers!"

-Cinthia S.

Before taking the Immersed in Story course, I was working on a novel that I got 1/3 done before putting it down. Immersed in Story helped me revisit by completing an outline. 

"Currently, I'm working on two novels. I've written three screenplays and self-published two nonfiction books as well. 

Before taking the Immersed in Story course, I was working on a novel that I got 1/3 done before putting it down. Immersed in Story helped me revisit it by completing an outline. The course helped me see that it’s two novels - not the one I’d believed it to be. The course is also helping me clearly see the triangulation of conflict between three characters. 

I would absolutely recommend Anne's Immersed in Story course to other writers! Focus is everything and it’s nice to have a mental ‘place’ to go to focus.

I am especially grateful for the M-F emails which I see as daily pep talks! Thank you very much for all you’ve given me thus far."


My characters are a lot better and more rounded...

“I recommend Immersed in Story to any author! I’ve published 5 mystery/suspense novels and am currently working on number 6. My characters are a lot better and more rounded after taking Immersed in Story. One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about the course and Anne’s daily emails is writing short stories. I’m learning a lot about that as well."

Ready to dive in and get immersed in story?
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Who is this For?
  • Novelists
  • ​Memoirists 
  • ​New Authors
  • ​Established Authors
  • ​Stuck with Writer's Block
  • ​Series and Serial Writing
  • Screenwriters
  • Self-Published Authors
  • ​Authors Seeking Agents
  • ​Plotters & Pantsers
  • ​All Genres of Fiction
  • ​Narrative Nonfiction 
Carmine De Paulo
I have a much better understanding of the key elements of story...
“My biggest challenge when writing screenplays is quality structure and good characterization. But after taking Immersed in Story I have a much better understanding of the key elements of story and how to use the concepts in an effective manner. The course provides easy to understand, detailed information with helpful resource material to download and practice with. I recommend Immersed in Story to other writers!”
Rebecca B.
Anne is a fantastic collaborator and listener...
“Anne is a fantastic collaborator and listener, and a thoughtful strategizer and problem-solver. She has a special skill at brainstorming and is a talented editor with a keen analytic eye. She has edited short stories and essays that I’ve published, and helped me through multiple drafts of a complex historical fiction novel. Anne is a joy to work with and a wonderful cheerleader to have by your side through the writing process.” 
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Ready to Become Immersed in Story? 
Passionate about storytelling and want to write a story that can sell?
Done throwing away draft after draft?
Sick of starting stories over again or finding out ideas don’t work?
Tired of writing into corners that are impossible to back out of?
Excited to create a story that works and emotionally impacts others?
Ready for an endless stream of fresh ideas to come easily?
Willing to sit down and write?

This is a 100% Risk-Free Purchase.
Take 365 days after purchasing this program to give it a good and honest try.

That’s one full year!

Use the lessons I’m about to share, apply them and enjoy a new wave of creativity. Turn ideas into characters and stories. Use the writing exercises to organize those ideas, too! Try the Premise Machine and see if the stories ideas work. Start writing!

For 365 days my money back guarantee is right here to use!

No questions.

No gimmicks.

I only ask students to give Immersed in Story an honest try because what I’ve put into this program can and will transform creativity and writing.

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Ready to write more, finally finish stories, share them with the world and become a successful storyteller, novelist, or screenwriter who develops ideas with confidence? 
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you asked
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to have an idea for a story already?
Nope! Immersed in Story helps work those creative muscles so you can generate story ideas and “ah-ha” inspiration moments on demand. Discover how to quickly organize your ideas into stories with solid structures, compelling characters, intriguing conflict, and high stakes - the sellable stories publishers want and readers crave.
How much experience do I need? 
Immersed in Story offers a path for anyone to discover ideas for stories that sell.
Always dreamed of becoming an author, screenwriter, or storyteller, but end up stalled because you're not quite sure if those story ideas will work?
Writing but having to start over because a premise proved unpromising part way through?
Often “idea dead” or left wondering if anyone will actually want to read that story?
Immersed in Story can help!
What does it mean to be “Immersed in Story?”
It means being able to notice. It means living life every day and turning to its experiences in order to create powerful, meaningful, and immersive stories.
It means being able to generate ideas…but not just any ideas, good ideas!
Ideas that are worth pursuing, writing about, and sharing with the world…
…not just random things that no one would ever buy a story about.
Become Immersed in Story and discover more ideas for stories in a single day than most writers ever spend the rest of their lives actually writing about.
Plus, Immersed in Story shows how to take those ideas, organize them, and develop them to become more creatively productive than ever before.
I’m not a plotter. Will this still help?
Writing is like traveling down a twisty road at night in a thick, patchy fog. Every once in a while, there is an opening in the fog, and we can see more of the road in front of us.
As the fog lifts, we can confidently tell where we are, what direction we’re going, and how quickly we can get there. 
But when fog descends, we have to slow down. We might even have to stop because we can’t see where we’re going.
Immersed in Story helps lift the fog completely. With a clear patch in front of us, we are able to see where we are going and write with confidence and clarity. 
It works for writers who like to plot. It works for writers who like to write “by the seat of their pants,” too. 
What is a “story idea that sells?”
This is my way of saying: Stories other people want to read. 
What makes agents and publishers pay attention?
What works with self-published books on Amazon? 
What does an audience get excited about? 
These are the questions we’ll answer so we know what a story that sells looks like – what ideas go into it, how it is structured, and how to complete it – before we begin writing. 
You get lifetime access to the entire Immersed in Story course when you sign up, so you can take the course at your own pace when it's convenient for you. This way you can return to the course for a refresher, to use the resources, or when you're starting your next story!
Do I get help writing the story, too? 
Absolutely! Immersed in Story is about opening up creativity and discovering new story ideas…
…but it is also about organizing those ideas into solid structures, compelling characters, intriguing conflict, and high stakes.
Writing exercises, templates, and writing guideposts are included to help turn ideas into a finished story.
What if I can’t do this on my own? 
I run a community, too. It’s an online community writers can join for extra support, help, guidance, learning and accountability. We’re there to cheer each other along!

This community is a great place to get your writing done, learn about craft and the business of writing, and increase accountability. We run Live master classes, weekly group writing sessions and much more. 

Once you purchase Immersed in Story, you can learn more about the Story Immersion Inner Circle.
What if this isn’t for me? 
My 100% money-back guarantee is good for 365 days from the date of purchase. 
No questions.
No gimmicks.
Is this another one of those pay to get published things? 
Nope. I’m not into that. 
This is not a “pay me $5,000 and get published” kind of program. 
Wait…what does “pay to get published” mean? 
Most mainstream publishers have one goal: They want to sell books.
Because they want to sell books, they usually reject most of the manuscripts people submit.
Hollywood is the same way. Most of the pitches sent and most of the screenplays read don’t get made.
Enter the “pay to get published” publisher (aka: “Vanity Press”).
These are publishing houses where authors pay to have books published. They are not selective. And they are more than willing to take a big chunk of money to say that those story ideas are amazing (even if they aren’t).
That’s NOT what I’m doing here.
I have another question.
Feel free to reach out and ask any question!
My email address is 

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